Sourcing Talent through Social Media

Sourcing talent for your business through social media is more effective than you might think

sourcing talent with the internetphoto: Kristina Alexanderson – cc

Social media has transformed the way we acquire information, meet people, find jobs, and find employees. In the technology industry, the most attractive potential candidates are those who have grown up and evolved with digital “know-how.” These are the people that don’t see Twitter as “just another social media channel,” but as a social search engine to which they contribute, engage, and network. At our company, we want potential candidates that are both mobile and digitally savvy, and if they are open to proactive engagement on social channels, we know they tick these boxes.

We deal with clients, employees, and customers all through social media on a regular basis. When it comes to sourcing talent at iCracked, these are the folks who have a leg up when it’s time to expand.


How is sourcing through social media better than more traditional methods?

Traditionally, recruitment used to be about jumping through hoops and perfecting a resume. It still is. But today it’s also about having an authentic conversation. Social media is an ideal place to start that conversation. It’s transparent, immediate, and it gives both the candidate and the company a clearer picture of whether or not they’re right for each other. We can get a well-rounded, honest picture of what a candidate is like and they can immediately get all the information they need about us and our people.


Which particular platforms are best?

Best is relative, naturally, and there’s a lot of platforms out there to choose from. The following mediums, however, tend to work pretty well for us:

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 facebook-icon    Facebook

Like many other sharing-economy businesses, we use Facebook and Twitter to recruit the customer-facing candidates, in our case our iTechs, who deal with customers directly. Thanks to the targeting tools social media sites like Facebook offer, we can clearly define who we are looking for and reach them with more relevant content. If a bakery wanted to hire someone, for example, they could reach people who had expressed an interest in baking (on social channels) and live nearby. The conversion rate on this targeted approach is considerably higher than simply trying to go for everyone.


– Facebook is an open platform with free analytics.

– It offers detailed specifics on anonymous users pertinent to your business.

– Its analytics page can give trends or patterns among specified groups (with enough users in the sample to avoid privacy issues).


–  Many users do not necessarily want to be found through Facebook for business purposes.

– Facebook is not primarily a recruiting tool and may cause privacy concerns amongst users being recruited.



Alternatively, if we are making a corporate hire, LinkedIn is an incredible tool for reaching out to prospective candidates. We can have a clear picture of a person’s experience and skills without even asking for their background summary. It saves us a huge amount of time and allows us to recruit and scale much faster.


– Unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is geared towards business recruitment and users are likely to be open to engagement.

– Businesses can both recruit users as well as post available positions.


– LinkedIn is a closed platform and requires a fee for companies to utilize recruitment services.

– Not quite as widespread as larger platforms like Facebook.



Social media can also let your employees help each other while greatly strengthening company culture. Yammer, an internal social networking platform, is one of the more invaluable tools a company can use to bolster cohesion on a larger scale. Our 2,000 iTechs use Yammer to share experiences, tips, and a good laugh from time to time. Roughly 90% of our iTech network is active on a daily basis.

It’s not only helped our iTechs to be better professionals in general, but has created a “help the new guy” culture that self-propagates good technique while strengthening bonds in the iTech community.


– Though not free, businesses can create a dedicated network for as little as $3 a month with more intricate plans as high as $20 a month.

– Potential for a self-helping user base.

– Potential for a more standardized business protocol. In our case, iTechs have a more uniform process for repairing after talking with those in similar situations.


– Costs a marginal fee.

– Occasionally, users may become derisive towards each other which may interfere with the aims of the company.

– Like any social network, users can voice their anger and perceived failings of the company publicly. This can also be seen as positive, however, as it better helps a company to understand in which areas they need to improve.


A few more tips


  • Be honest and act quickly. Make sure you portray the opportunity and your company fairly as this will benefit you in the long-run. Sourcing and hiring good talent is one of our highest priorities and we want to make sure the conversation is started in a positive, truthful and authentic way. It will ensure your conversation with the candidate is honest and that there are no surprises further down the line.
  • Make contact as soon as you know a candidate is interested. Job seekers using social media will be exposed to innumerable digital adverts daily so making sure they remember you is key.


  • Avoid having several different people handling a recruitment conversation on social channels. Your candidates need to feel reassured about the opportunity and this means communicating with a consistent voice, tone and register. Nothing will turn prospects off faster than continually passing them off to a stranger.


Ever Changing

Business changes continually. It’s absolutely crucial to stay up-to-date on the various platforms available to your company. Whether its recruiting clients, new hires, customers, or partners, in today’s market it’s silly not to take advantage of the social mediums available.



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