Apple to Reverse Error 53 with New Update

Apple will reverse error 53 with update!

Error 53, the bane of repair enthusiasts everywhere, has been reversed in Apple’s newest software fix.

Apple to reverse error 53 with new updatecc – LW Yang

I want to follow up on some awesome news today. Apple has just announced a software update to reverse Error 53 and the “bricking” of devices that use 3rd party parts for repairs. This is huge, not on a micro level (less than 1% of our services are error 53-related), but on a macro level with regard to Apple acknowledging they will not use software to lock devices in the future due to non-Apple replacement parts. 

Previously, Error 53 had been included by Apple as a security feature against unauthorized access to data through the home button’s finger-scanner. Any damage to or replacement of the home button assembly had left all models of the iPhone 6 and 6S completely inaccessible (originally thought to be permanent). With Apple’s decision to reverse Error 53, champions of “do-it-yourself” repair, myself included, have reason to celebrate.

With the latest iOS version update (iOS 9.2.1), accessible through iTunes, devices previously disabled have regained their utility as well as their value. What’s exciting to me about this is the precedent it sets for future hardware components on devices everywhere and their potential to be locked to a specific piece of hardware. Apple is a small part of what this means for the future of device repair in its entirety.

Updating your iPhone

Our very own Ed Waldrop, Master Hardware Technician at iCracked, has confirmed the update does in fact fix previously “bricked” devices. After deliberately attempting to cause Error 53 on an iPhone 6, the device sat for nearly 8 minutes before completing what had previously been a disastrous update. While the biometric finger scanner may still be rendered unusable if home button damage is detected (due to the continued need for security), the iPhone itself is otherwise still functional.

Right to Repair

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The “right to repair” is something we as consumers should have full utility of as owners and users of all hardware. I am proud of the repair community,, and our iTechs who have shared concerns and thoughts on this. The men and women who comprise the iTech network have handled these recent events with great poise and I am honored to stand with them. Certainly not least of all, I must thank Apple for deciding to reverse Error 53 when they weren’t necessarily obligated to do so. This is a tremendous win for independent repair and today the future of technology is that much brighter.

AJ Forsythe
Co-founder and CEO of iCracked

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