iCracked’s iPhone SE Teardown

iPhone SE teardown

Our lead technician cracks open an iPhone SE so you don’t have to.

One might be a little surprised to hear Apple just released a new iPhone. With an uncommonly low-key fanfare upon its release, Apple isn’t touting the iPhone SE as any sort of giant leap in iPhone technology – and that’s admirable. Instead, it is providing nothing more than what essentially boils down to a compact version of the iPhone 6S with a compact price to go with it. For many whimsically reminiscing of the glorious sub-3.5″ inch screen days (Steve Jobs himself was against big screens), many prayers have been answered. And because we felt like it, we had our very own Ed Waldrop, Lead Technician at iCracked, pop open the screen and give an SE teardown for your viewing pleasure.

Check it out below.

iPhone SE Teardown Summary

iPhone 5S compatibility

Perhaps the most important feature of the iPhone SE is that it uses the same screen display and LCD as the older 5S. While this means its resolution is still on par with the 5S (which still isn’t bad), it also means it’s repairability will be significantly cheaper than both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S/S6S+. This is great news for repair professionals and self-repair folks who already have 5S screens.


The iPhone SE has the same A9 processor as the iPhone 6S but costs $399 compared to the 6S’s current $650 price. If you can get by without the massive display of the 6S, the SE may be your biggest bang for the buck.

Final Thoughts

If you have little hands, you want to save money, or you repair phones for a living, the iPhone SE is something to write home about. Check out our store for a Do-It-Yourself kit or get one of our iTechs to come to you.

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