Meet the iTechs: Christian Rabens

Meet the iTechs is a series about our iTech network. Learn about our technicians, who they are, why they chose iCracked and what being an iTech means to them.

Meet Christian Rabens.

Christian is based in Charleston, South Carolina, and has done over 3,000 repairs. Amazingly so, he chatted with us while enjoying his other passion in life: flying his airplane. Here are some excerpts.

This is awesome. Can you tell us what you’re doing right now?

You’re going to have to pardon the radio transmissions, as I’m flying an airplane, and I have to listen to ATZ to make sure that I stay where I need to be. I figured since one of the questions was,  “what’s my favorite thing to do in my spare time?,” I’d have to say that this is it! Getting in my plane and flying somewhere! Right now, me, my nephew and my shitzu puppy are flying to Orlando, Florida to go to Disney World.

Tell us about your other favorite hobby: iPhone repair.

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I’ve been an iTech for about three years now in the Charleston, South Carolina area. I absolutely love, love, love being an iTech. It gives me the freedom to do the things that I enjoy doing, like flying, and taking trips and being able to take a vacation whenever I please. And, it’s really good money – I mean, I wouldn’t be able to afford my plane if it wasn’t for iCracked. It’s because of iCracked that all of this is possible.

Why did you originally become an iTech?

Oh, man. I was actually in a waterskiing accident. While I was recovering, I had my arm in a sling. I was getting out of my car, had my iPhone in my lap, and when I went to stand up, the iPhone fell from my pocket, I smashed to smithereens. Of course, the screen cracked, same story I’ve heard so many times from my clients. I went online to find a solution, and me being the Jack-of-all-trades “I’ll fix it myself” type person that I am, I came across iCracked. I decided to go get my DIY kit, and moments after I ordered my kit, I noticed that they had a “Become an iTech” button on the website. So, I immediately did all the reading and the research, saw what an awesome company iCracked was. I read about all the articles they had in Forbes, TechCrunch and Geek Magazine. At that point I decided I would give it a shot.

And, then?

I got really good at it, really fast. Back then, iCracked didn’t have all the training material that they have now or Ed Waldrop. (Ed is our in-house master technician. He’s fixed phones driven over by 18-wheelers. Yes, really.) I figured it out and I was on track with fixing iPhones within a week or so I was really starting to cook. I’m one of their most productive iTechs, which I find extremely cool.  I feel proud to be part of such an awesome company, and I absolutely love, love, the money and the freedom that I’m able to have with this type of career.

What’s the craziest, most down-to-the-wire repair story you have?

A guy was visiting from out of state on business, and he had his entire presentation on his iPad. A keynote presentation. He was absolutely 100% desperate to get his iPad up and running because he needed his presentation in like, an hour, to be able to do his job.

He was driving and he had stopped to get a cup of coffee, and he put the iPad on the roof of his car. He got in his car, got on the interstate, when he got up to about 45-50 miles an hour he heard it slide off the roof of the car, and he looked in his rear-view mirror just in time to see the car behind him run it over. It completely destroyed the digitizer and the LCD. So, he found me, and I met him within 15 minutes at Starbucks. He was just so happy he could go and plug his iPad into the screen so he could do his very important presentation. He said that I basically saved his job.

Hang on just a second, guys. As you guys can see, I’m pretty busy right here, I need to kind of fly the airplane so I’m gonna go ahead and sign off for now.

Hats off to you, Captain Christian. View the entire video here.

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