A rare nostalgic move for Apple? Rumors suggest iPhone 8 may pay homage to the original

New rumors suggest that the 10th anniversary iPhone, to be released in September, may tout some features from the original iPhone.

iPhone 8, water drop feature, OLED screen
Image via iMore.com

New rumors suggest that Apple’s September iPhone 8 debut could feature a design similar to the original iPhone.

According to analysts and Korean site ETNews, the new iPhone will feature “water drop design,” which pays aesthetic tribute to the original iPhone with a rear curve. This provides a gentler and rounder casing than newer models.

Using a 3D glass material on the back of the iPhone 8 would make it more closely resemble the deeper curves on the case of the original iPhone. Of course, this device would be much larger and thinner, with rumors suggesting a 5.8-inch display.

The “3D glass case” is said to promote softer curves around the edges of the phone, moving away from the sharper, flat-back design that was introduced with the iPhone 4 and used in every device since. Apple used a curved aluminum and plastic design for the original iPhone, and then moved to  plastic alone for the iPhone 3G.

While an “old school” curved back device is rumored to be included, ETNews echoes existing display rumors and suggests the all-OLED screen of the iPhone 8 will be “relatively flat.” It will not feature a dramatically curved edge like the Samsung Galaxy line.

As of now, not much is known about the rear design of the 2017 device, so there is no alternative information to corroborate the claims. However, rumors continue to suggest that it will indeed use an all-glass body, with Apple planning to move away from aluminum entirely.

As this is the 10th anniversary of the iPhone, it would make sense for this year’s September release to pay homage to the original iPhone in some ways. While Apple is unapologetically forward-facing, and almost never lets yesteryear’s products influence new ones, everyone can get a bit nostalgic every now and then. Even Apple.

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