8 great cases to pair with your iPhone 5c

blue iphone 5c

Although the iPhone 5c was released in 2013, it still has a pretty passionate fanbase. Its bright, pastel colors and polycarbonate casing make it a favorite for smartphone owners who aren’t looking to spend a ton on a brand-new, state-of-the-art iPhone like the 8 or X. The 5c is unique with its focus on color, making finding a case for it an interesting undertaking. We’ve rounded up our favorite 5c cases—ones that we feel will both protect your phone and up your style game nicely.

Otterbox Commuter Series Case

This set of cases embraces the spirit of the 5c’s color scheme by also offering a number of mix-and-matched options. Crafted from polycarbonate with a silicone layer covering the iPhone’s side buttons, the Otterbox Commuter Series provides serious protection for a serious piece of tech.

Belkin Grip Sheer Matte

Some phone owners might not jump at the thought of buying a case simply because it hides their device’s design and makes it more difficult to hold. Fortunately, the Belkin Grip Sheer Matte case doesn’t do either. Super soft and super shock-absorbent, this case is both comfortable and provides ample protection for your phone. Available in a transparent color, the Belkin Grip Sheer Matte also allows the eye-catching backing of your 5c to shine through.

Belkin View

Alternatively, the Belkin View is a great option for 5c owners who want to show off their phone color. This case is available in four color options, black, topaz, purple, and stone, which makes for some pretty intriguing color combinations when put on your device.

LeYi Shiny Glitter Moving Quicksand Case

The LeYi Shiny Glitter Moving Quicksand Case infuses the transparency of other cases on this list with free-floating glitter, helping your phone stand out among others with its striking appearance. Best of all, it doesn’t sacrifice functionality for style — it’s both light-weight, shockproof and comes with an HD screen protector at no cost.

Case Army Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Case

Those looking for a simple, transparent case that gets the job done should have no qualms with the Case Army Scratch-Resistant Slim Clear Case. This rubber case easily fits around your iPhone 5c, protecting it from drops and damage while allowing your device’s colored casing to still be seen.

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Spigen Ultra Hybrid iPhone 5c Case

Similar to the Case Army case is the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, which boasts transparent simplicity in addition to superior drop, bump, and scratch protection. With its raised bezels, it prevents your 5c camera and screen from rubbing up against flat surfaces and causing scuffs. Those who enjoy the slimness of a naked phone can rejoice, as the Spigen Ultra Hybrid tosses bulkiness aside in favor of being thin.

LifeProof FRE iPhone 5c Waterproof Case

For some iPhone users, a regular, old fall-resistant case is just enough. For others, especially those with more active lifestyles, something a bit more… everything-resistant may be necessary. Enter the LifeProof FRE iPhone 5c Waterproof Case, water-proof up to 6.6 feet for one hour, dirt-proof, snow-proof, drop-proof (up to 6.6 feet), and totally scratch-proof. Best of all, its transparent back means you can show off your 5c the way Apple intended.

Kuijian 2200 mAh External Battery Backup Rechargeable Case

A case is great, but pretty useless if your iPhone is constantly dying on you. In these situations, an external battery case is a great ally to have. The Kuijian 2200 mAh External Battery Backup Rechargeable Case features four LED indicator lights in addition to a built-in pop-out kickstand holder – perfect to watch media in a comfortable position. While it isn’t as sturdy or drop-proof as some of the other cases on this list, it will protect your iPhone 5c against scratches and normal wear and tear. It doesn’t come with a transparent back, but it’s available in plenty of 5c-like colors, like blue, green, and pink, making it a perfect partner.

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