The newly released iPhone XR has an advanced LCD, even faster Face ID and a breakthrough camera system.  The battery has Apple fast charging technology and 25 hours of talk time. This iPhone has it all.

The A12 chip makes the iPhone XR extremely fast and the resolution is incredible.  But hands down the biggest upgrade is the camera. It has a highly innovative camera system with smart HDR, adjustable field depth and enhanced bokeh effect.  You have a professional camera at your fingertips that fits into your pocket.

All this technology and innovation on a handheld device is still vulnerable to a drop, slip or a spill.  Which is why iCracked’s technicians have innovative and extensive training to repair your iPhone XR screen or any other damage that comes its way.  

And, we’ll bring our techs to you. Our team of technicians is available around the clock and brings their repair skills and tools where it is most convenient for you. Cracked screen? Camera not working? No sound? No problem. We can fix it all. Call us now and we’ll get started on your repair ASAP.

Specifications for iPhone XR Repairs


Color options: Red, Yellow, White, Coral, Black, Blue

Resolution: 1792 x 828

Storage capacities: 64GB, 128GB, 256GB

CPU: 2x 2.5 GHz Vortex, 4x 1.59 GHz Tempest, 6 Cores

Size: 5.94 in x 2.98in x 0.33 in


Weight: 6.84 ounces 

Front camera: 7MP True Depth

Display: 6.1 Liquid Retina HD Display

Rear camera: 12MP


iPhone XR Screen Replacements & Other Fixes


iPhone XR Screen Replacement

Your iPhone XR has a beautiful screen with LCD multi-touch display.  But with a crack or shatter on your screen, it is no good to you at all.  You won’t even get it to recognize your Face ID to open your apps.   Call iCracked and our skilled techs will bring a repair to you and have you back unlocking your phone with facial recognition in no time.

Charging Port

With wireless and USB charging options, you probably think you’re covered no matter what.  But dust, dirt and other nuisances can mess up charging for your iPhone XR.  Give us a call, we’ll come to you and get you powered up again in an hour.


The iPhone XR comes with multiple built-in microphones, one at the top and two at the bottom so Siri or anyone else can always hear you.  And if they can’t hear you clearly, that is not going to be efficient for you.  Let us know, our team of skilled techs will be at your door ASAP. 

Ear Speaker

There is nothing worse than trying to have a conversation on your iPhone XR with static or dead silence on the other end.  If you’ve tried cleaning your Ear Speaker and you still have a problem, call us. iCracked has a trained team standing by 24/7 and can be at your door in an hour.  

Side Button

The side button on your iPhone XR puts a lot of convenience at your fingertips.  Apple Pay, App download, power on/off and many other quick gestures to get you around your phone.  But a malfunctioning button is anything but convenient. Breathe easy, call for one of iCracked’s skilled experts and we’ll have your side button functioning as it should.

Front/Rear Camera

With an advanced camera system that is ushering in a new era of iPhone photography, you are sure to be loving the images you are capturing.  If your camera isn’t working perfectly or your images are blurry, you need advanced repair. Get in touch with iCracked and we’ll have a savvy technician meet you wherever you are to get your camera fixed.  No one else can get the job done as well or as quickly.

Power Button

No point in owning the latest and greatest if your cell phone doesn't even power on! If the power button on your iPhone XR is malfunctioning, call our team at iCracked and we'll get your cell phone powered on again in no time!

Loud Speaker

The iPhone XR is equipped with dual stereo-quality speakers that enhance your listening experiences.  If your speakers don’t sound as crisp and clear as they should, or worse, don’t make a sound at all, you need a quick and quality repair.  Don’t let a bum speaker ruin your day, let a member of our skilled and experienced team get it fixed today.  Give us a call and we’ll have someone there in a jiffy.