iTech Overview


Repairs typically start in three different ways listed below. All repairs MUST be logged through our iOS only application. (The device is not required to have cellular service but must be running iOS 9.0 or higher)

Customer Scheduled: The biggest impact iCracked has on your business is the ability to allow customers to see when and where you are available to automatically schedules repairs right on your calendar. Our iCracked application uses your Prefered Schedule, Current Inventory, and Zip Code Service Areas to allow customers book repairs on your time! This means all you have to do is show up and perform the repair.

iOS Application: The next source of repair leads is the dispatch system, which is built right into your iTech iOS application. If iCracked is not able to initially able to schedule the repair with a local iTech, all iTechs in proximity to the customer will be notified with a push notification that includes the device information, type of damage, and repair location. All that you have to do is click to claim and set up a price and meeting time.

Self Generated: iTechs will generate organic business by leveraging iCracked branding. These will be customers that find you through your Social Media or marketing pages, Yelp, see your advertisement, know you personally, or hear about you from a friend. These repairs normally make up more than half of our iTech's repairs.

*Depending on an iTech’s location and time commitment will determine the amount of business coming from each of the repair channels. Ask your Expansion Associate the breakdown in your market!