iTech Overview


Help Center: As your on the job rescue beacon, the Help Center is available right in your iOS application and contains a wealth of guides, videos, and troubleshooting tips to get your repair back on track.

Plus if the answer to your question isn't available online, you can contact our lead technicians around the country to get the information you need. 

Digital Marketing: Aside from the advertising iCracked does every day to reach more customers, the most successful iTechs are always those that advertise locally & online as well.

To help get your business started, every iTech is given their own iTech Profile Page (that schedules customers straight to your calendar, 250 business cards, a personalized Yelp Page, Media Center, and Jumpstart Marketing Kit.

iTech Social Network: The iTech Social Network acts as an open forum for peer review and collaboration. 

Over the years, our highly active communities of iTechs have posted a wealth of knowledge about best business practices and tricks for repairing devices more efficiently. iCracked HQ also uses the iTech Social Network to make announcements such as price reductions, policy changes, promotions, and new device updates to the iTech network.

Regional Managers: To help improve the service for our iTechs, iCracked has put together a team of Onboarding Specialist who specialize in helping iTechs get their small businesses started. 

As your business matures, our Onboarding Specialist can offer you specialized advice and proven techniques that have helped over 4,000 iTechs launch their business.