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A cell phone is an integral part of everyday modern life. The device first hit the market in 1973. Back then; this device was a large component that weighed around two kilograms. Only a few people thought that a few decades later, it would be central to the way of life. 

In the 21st century, it is almost impossible to imagine life without a cell phone. However, these incredible devices are built with components that can break down. Any cell phone can break down due to natural wear or due to an accident. 

A cell phone breakdown can leave you locked out of convenient services that are facilitated by phones such as banking through apps and communication to work or family. Our iCracked Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair team, however, is here to ensure that whenever your phone breaks down, we repair it within the shortest time possible. 

Our certified Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair technicians are qualified to handle any problems with your device. We are experts at undertaking common repairs such as screen replacements and changing broken components. Additionally, most of our Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair technicians can fix most of cell phone problems within an hour, thus saving your time. 

Initially, clients whose cell phones had broken down had to spend a lot of time to take their phones to a repair center. The centers then took a lot of time to fix even minor problems. Some clients had to wait for weeks for simple repairs such as screen replacements. 

At the iCracked Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair firm, we decided to revolutionize this business by coming up with a new business model. As a result, our Simi Valley cell phone repair team does not wait for clients to come to us, they go where the clients are. This model saves our clients the time they could have lost while commuting as well the money they spend commuting. 

Our Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair business model works in the following three simple steps. 
1. The client gets in touch with an iCracked Simi Valley cell phone repair agent. The agent inquires about the phone’s model, its problems, and the most convenient location for the client. 
2. The Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair communication team matches the client with the technician who is nearest to the client’s location. 
3. One of the Simi Valley iPhone and cell phone repair technicians arrives at the agreed upon location and repairs the client’s cell phone. Usually, the repair is complete in under an hour.

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May 1, 2017

"iCracked is the most convenient way to get your iPhone fixed." -Good Morning America

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