What is iCracked Recycling?

Always looking for ways to better the smartphone repair industry, iCracked has created a small recycling arm that purchases cracked iPhone and Samsung screens from other smartphone repair players, allowing them to improve their profit margins on nearly all of their repairs!

Why don't I see anything about recycling on iCracked's main website?

iCracked has traditionally been a consumer only facing company, hence why we do not have any published materials regarding our recycling arm on our main website. However, we are still the same company and our known reliability and honesty shows through in our recycling arm as well.

How long does it take to get paid for my recycling?

Shipping for your recycling will take 2-3 days. Once your batch is delivered, we will test the shipment and issue your PO in 7-8 business days. Payment is then processed within another 3-4 business days after receipt of your PO. Total turnaround time from delivery to payment is typically 10-12 business days, excluding weekends and holidays.

How do I know what my testing results are?

All testing results will be communicated via the PO emailed to you. Testing results of "OEM" vs "AM" and "Good" vs "Bad" will be communicated by SKU and Description within the PO.

How does iCracked pay for my recycling?

All payments are made via direct deposit ACH.

How does screen pricing work?

We update our purchase pricing every Monday morning, and it is locked in until that following Saturday. If you ship your recycling one week between Monday and Saturday, you will receive that week’s pricing, regardless if payment needs to go out the following week and prices have changed.

How does iCracked test the screens I have shipped?

We follow the same industry standards most manufacturers do. The LCD must be 100% functional (no lines, spots, discoloration, missing pixels, etc), and the Digitizer must be 100% functional as well (reads touch across entire screen). Anything else will be considered a “Bad” screen.

What does iCracked do with the "bad" screens?

Recycle them of course! With our industry expertise, we have been able to establish many disposition channels that allow us to responsibly recycle any e-waste we are not able to ourselves. iCracked does not pay for "Bad" screens, and iCracked will not return "Bad" screens after testing.

How does iCracked define a "bad" screen when testing?

Bad Screens are defined as displays that: LCD is not working, Bruising or scratches on the LCD face, flex cable damage, touch has dead spots, dead or stuck pixels, backlight colors off (commomly refered to as pink haze), backlight has damage or impact marks.

Does iCracked pay for anything else other than what is listed?

Currently, no. However, if there are opportunities for iCracked to remain competitive and make offers on other items you are currently selling elsewhere, we will absolutely review them!